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We offer a great selection of all types of firearms in stock and it changes daily. Ammo is also in stock in all calibers. We can find any specific firearm you are looking for as well as recommend the right firearm based on what you will use it for and keep it within your budget.

Consignment Sales:

We can also sell your old and used guns on consignment. You set the price and we do our best to get it for you. We can sell on-line, auctions, or direct to buyers. You pay a 15% commission and any listing or advertising fees. We take care of all the paper work with the buyer and transfer agents.

We will consider any and all trades on new or used firearms. We also buy used firearms outright if you have something just collecting dust you don’t need anymore. Bring them in and we’ll see if we can make a deal.


NRA Membership Discount

Currently offering a $10.00 discount on any firearm purchase for NRA members. We are also official NRA recruiters.

Help defend your 2nd Amendment rights by becoming a proud member of the NRA!

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