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Kansas Concealed Carry

We offer concealed carry handgun classes to Kansas residents who wish to obtain a conceal carry handgun permit for the State of Kansas.


The Concealed Carry Handgun (CCH) class consists of an 8 hour class, of which 6 1/2 hours will be classroom work and 1 1/2 hours will be range time. We will cover all requirements as set forth by the Kansas Attorney Generals Office. Topics that will be covered include: introduction to handguns, safe handling and storage of firearms, firearms care and maintenance, legal issues relating to the use of deadly force, use of deadly force, preparedness for confrontations, firearms manipulation, marksmanship, and practice.


At the end of the classroom time there will be a 25 question test. YOU MUST SCORE 25 OUT OF 25 ON THE TEST IN ORDER TO PASS. The shooting portion of the class consists of 25 total shots fired from 3 distances: one 5-shot string (strong hand only) from 3 yards, two 5-shot strings from 7 yards, and two 5-shot strings from 10 yards. YOU MUST PUT 18 OF 25 SHOTS INTO THE TARGET ZONE TO PASS. Registration begins at 7:30AM and class starts at 8:00AM.

All classes are held at The Gun Guys store.You will need to bring:

· Identification (KS drivers license or ID card)

· A pen and paper for note taking

· The handgun you are going to qualify with

· At least 50 rounds of factory ammo (NO RELOADS! MUST BE IN FACTORY BOX).

· Safety glasses and hearing protection

We do our best to make these classes as fun and interesting as possible  Please be considerate of all those in the class regardless of firearm and shooting experience. Class fees are $100 and include coffee and rolls in the morning, a catered lunch, and all paperwork and a picture.

Private Shooting Lessons

Private shooting lessons are available for both the beginner shooter and the advanced shooter. Call us to schedule at private lesson with one of our instructors at 785-418-0711.

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