Rimfire Challenge Shooting Competitions are designed to be fun and safe shooting matches for the entire family. Incorporating both .22 LR pistols and rifles, courses of fire are created with safety as the top priority, but feature fun scenarios that meet any shooter’s skill level. Whether you are new to shooting, or have become a seasoned pro,  Rimfire Challenge matches will be an entertaining experience for you, your family members and friends.

Rimfire Challenge is a .22 rifle and pistol program created to introduce new people to the shooting sports and provide a pathway to shooting competition. The Rimfire Challenge can provide individuals or families with a fun and exciting first-time competitive-shooting experience.

The Rimfire Challenge is designed with the novice shooter in mind, but it is fun and challenging for shooters of all skill levels. The .22 Long Rifle caliber was chosen because of its friendly nature. The ammunition is affordable and allows an entire family the ability to shoot all day without breaking the bank.

Matches are held on the first Thursday night of each month starting at 4PM. Shooters may come in anytime to shoot the match after 4PM and you can shoot in multiple classes.

20160804 Rimfire Challenge Scores