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Course of Fire

Course of fire will consist of 6 full size bowling pins shot at a distance of 10 yards on a steel 8” x 5 ½’ table.  All six pins must be off the table. The course will be shot 4 times with the best 3 times being added up for shooters total score. Pins will be staggered on the table for centerfire shooters and rimfire shooters will have all pins on the back edge of the table. No more than 10 rounds may be loaded in each magazine, magazine changes are allowed as needed. All shooting is to be off hand, no rests or supports allowed.


There will be five classes: Limited Centerfire/Rimfire (firearm must be factory out of the box with no modifications, including sights) Open Centerfire/Rimfire (firearm has been modified from factory specs. IE: sights, optics, triggers, barrels, etc.) Shooters may shoot multiple guns and classes, but no switching of guns or classes during the league.

The Gun Guys Pin Shooting League

League Rules

Range is a cold range, pre-loaded magazines are allowed, no firearms will be loaded until the RO gives you the load command, fingers must stay off trigger until RO sounds buzzer. League will consist of 3 matches, on the fourth Thursday of each quarter beginning in June (check our calendar for exact dates). Shooters may come in and shoot the league anytime after 4PM on the appropriate date.  This will be a flighted league using the Lewis Scoring System to determine prizes. Each months score will be accumulated to determine overall winner. The number of flights and prizes may vary depending on the number of entrants. League fees will be $15 per match per gun ($45 total for the league). $5 from each entry will be set aside for a prize fund to be used at the end of the league.

Watch this video to learn more:

Check our calendar for league dates.

2016 Bowling Pin League Final Standings May,June,July