Introduction to Handguns

This Class is designed for the person who wants to learn about firearms. If you are a new shooter who wants to be better prepared for our Concealed Carry Handgun Class or just to become more familiar with handguns, this class is for you. We will begin with a look at the historical evolution of handguns from the very beginning to current production guns (flintlocks, percussion, single-action revolvers, double-action revolvers, to modern semi-automatics). Next we will cover handgun nomenclature, handgun safety rules, safety in the home, basic safe handling of a handgun (grip, stance, sight picture, trigger press, shot break, loading and unloading). Finally we’ll cover our Range Safety Rules before moving to the range for actual live fire using .22 caliber handguns (handguns and ammunition provided). Total time for this class is approximately 3-4 hours. Minimum class size is 8 with a maximum class size of 15. The cost for this class is $40.