The Gun Guys Indoor Range Ottawa KS

5-Star NSSF Indoor Shooting Range

The Gun Guys indoor range was designed and built by Shooting Ranges International using the latest in shooting range technology. With a 25 yard distance and automatic retrieval system it’s easy to practice at any range from 3-25 yards.

Our stalls are 84” in height to eliminate brass ejecting over the top and 40” wide to accommodate both shooter and firearms instructor, and with the adjustable shooting trays wheel chair comfort is readily available. The stalls are built to withstand a direct hit from a .44 magnum! If hit, the stalls will absorb the shot without allowing it to penetrate through or ricochet.

Our state of the art ventilation system will insure you a clean and healthy environment, three 400,000 BTU duct heaters and 39 tons of A/C unit will insure you a comfortable place to shoot regardless of the outdoor weather conditions. Our ventilation system is EPA & OSHA approved using the HEPA filtration method.

Watch the video below for a virtual tour of our indoor range:


If we’re open, the range is open. The Indoor Range is always open during regular business hours, except after 4PM on Thursday nights to accommodate league and match shooting. We also do not allow new shooters to start within 30 minutes of closing time.

The Guy Guys Indoor range is designed with the handgun enthusiast in mind, but will also handle rifles and shotguns as well, allowing customers to sight-in and pattern their favorite long guns.Become a fan of the Gun Guys on Facebook for weekly updates on the new shop and range.

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