GSSF Indoor League

The league consists of 3 matches shot once each month. The course of fire for each match consists of 50 rounds total fired in 5 strings of 10 rounds each from various distances. Scoring is done on an NRA D1 target with a 12” bullseye with X-ring hits = 10 points, 10” ring hits = 10 points, 8” ring hits = 8 points, and any other bullet hit on the target = 5 points. A perfect score would equal 500 points. Shooters can come in any time during open hours on the day of the league to shoot their targets. Targets are then checked and verified as well as totaled. Shooters have 15 seconds to fire the 10 round strings, there is no bonus for shooting under 15 seconds. If any shooter has a conflict on one of the match days they can make other arrangements to be able to make up the match at another time.

To compete shooters must be members of the GSSF ($35 annual fee). If you are not a member and want to compete in the league we will have membership forms available that you can fill out and pay for on the day of the match, so you can compete. Advantages of the GSSF membership also includes a coupon for a reduced fee Glock purchase after your first annual renewal. Entry fee for the league is $45 ($15 for each of the 3 matches). Shooters must also shoot a Glock handgun to compete.

Scores are totaled after each league date and placed in order. After the second and third match, scores are totaled and then divided by the number of league dates for an average score and then placed in order. Each league will be divided into 3 flights at the end of the season to award 1st place plaques in each flight (group). (Example: if a league has 30 total shooters, the league would be divided into 3 groups of 10 each, withn the shooters that are in position 1, 11, and 21 being the winners of their respective flights (group). Plaques are also given at the end of the league for High Lady, High Junior, High Senior, and High Unlimited if there are any shooters in those categories. Anyone shooting a perfect score of 500 on any league date will also be awarded a patch for their perfect score.

Each participant will also be entered into a random drawing for a FREE Glock handgun at the end of the league. Other prizes to be given away by random draw at the end of the league include Glock field knives, hats, and shirts. Participants may shoot multiple guns in the league but must pay the full league fee per gun, those shooting multiple guns will also be entered for each gun in the random drawing for prizes, including the FREE gun.

We will be starting another GSSF Indoor League on September 5th. The league runs for 3 months with one match per month on the 1st Saturday. League members may come in at anytime during the match day to shoot the match. If you are unable to shoot on the match date other arrangements can be made to shoot on another date. You must be a member of the GSSF and each match costs $15. Prizes, including a FREE Glock, will be awarded at the end of the league. To qualify for plaques you must shoot 2 of the 3 matches. To qualify for the FREE Glock you must shoot all three matches. 

2016 Fall League Dates:

  • September 17, 2016
  • October 15, 2016
  • November 19, 2016
Final Standing for the 2016 Summer League:

2016 May,June,July GSSF League final stats