Course of Fire

26 rounds total, consisting of 5 strings of 5 shots each at a distance of 15 yards. Each shooter will get 6 targets with the first 5 being scored for the league totals, the 6th target will have one shot fired and scored if needed for a tie breaker. Shooter will have a maximum of 60 seconds per 5 round string. Targets will be scored as listed 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 and misses being scored as a zero, but no penalty. Target is a 8 1/2” yellow on white bullseye. All shooting is to be off hand, no rests or supports allowed.


There will be three classes: Limited (firearm must be factory out of the box with no modifications, including sights) Open (firearm has been modified from factory specs. IE: sights, optics, triggers, barrels, etc.) You may shoot multiple guns and classes, but no switching of guns or classes during the league.

League Rules

Range is a cold range, pre-loaded magazines are allowed, no firearms will be loaded until the RO gives you the load command, fingers must stay off trigger until RO sounds buzzer. League will consist of 3 matches, starting on the second Thursday of each quarter (check calendar for exact dates). Shooters may come in and shoot the league anytime after 4PM on the appropriate date.  This will be a flighted league using the Lewis Scoring System to determine prizes. Each months scored will be accumulated to determine overall winner. The number of flights and prizes may vary depending on the number of entrants. League fees will be $15 per match per gun ($45 total for the league). $5 from each entry will be set aside for a prize fund to be used at the end of the league.

20160714 Accuracy League Standings